The Freedom of a Boundary


Took a vacation to the Grand Canyon last week. I had such a great time. I couldn’t stop smiling. The beauty and grandeur of it all took my breath away. The power of the wind coming up over the canyon was pure joy. The temperatures were between 59 and 82 degrees F. I couldn’t have been happier.  My husband, my two youngest children, my daughter-in-law and one of my granddaughters traveled with me. In a car, in a train, in buses…in hotel rooms, truck stops and restaurants we were together. We walked up to a volcano, down into an ice cave. We took photos at the edge of steep cliffs, sat on petrified trees and peered down into a meteor crater.

While Jerry drove, I read aloud from one of the books that I am reading, “Boundaries” by John Townsend and Henry Cloud. They were explaining what a boundary was by comparing it to our body’s boundary of skin. Like skin, our emotional boundaries protect us from harmful things while letting in what we need to live.  That visual stuck with me during our trip. When one of my family members had an emotional moment, I began to feel the anxiety rise in me. The picture of my skin came to mind and I stopped. My emotions stop at my own skin. Those feelings aren’t mine. I was able to let her have her feelings without letting it get “under my skin”.

My ability to stay within my own boundaries freed me to fully live in the moment during all of the beautiful encounters with God’s creation.  When I struggled with emotions of my own, I was able to keep them where they belonged. Me and the Holy Spirit took a moment and I was able to move forward without anyone else knowing about it. Some people might already know how to do this but for me it is a revelation. I am thankful for the wisdom. God uses visual aids all throughout the Bible to help us grasp the meaning of His Word. He is so creative. He formed the mountains, carved out the valleys and He mapped out every fiber of my being.


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