Page by Page


You can’t have me.



No way.

I am fearfully, tearfully, cheerfully made.

Formed by God in a woman’s womb.

Created by the coming together of two souls–one flesh.

God spoke life over me.

Breathed His breath in me.

Brought me forth upon this earth

in His truth,

in His time.

He was there when I was drawn out of the darkness.

Out of the waters He delivered me.

Into the light.

Into  a world more harsh and less forgiving.

Bumps and bruises,

loud and cold–

helpless, I came.

Dependent, I lay.

Needy, I cried.

And You, God heard my voice.

You God knew every day before me.

The ins and outs,

the ups and downs.

Nothing surprised you.

You walked beside me.

I was blind, I couldn’t see what You could see.

I had to live only in the very moment I was in.

But you could see me walk in victory

in the very places where I laid bare,

broken to the core.

You could see me standing filled with strength and glory

You never left me.

You walked with me

while I wrote the story of my life

page by page…

you wrote with me.

You wrote of freedom and victory.

I walked in hell–you wrote of heaven.

Your words were written over mine as I lived them.

The past has passed

and it cannot have me.

You have written your life on mine.

I will keep moving until I reach the edge

of the final page

that you have created for me.

There I’ll find you right beside me.

You will draw me out once more

into a greater light–into forever more

eternal life.


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