It’s not a small thing.


Just you, Lord. And me. No big stage with lights and people watching. Just you. And me. That is enough. All the songs and dances expressing the deep passion of my soul are for just you. And me.

My heart is your stage. My life is yours to command. To direct. To use.

Between us there is the love that I lay as an offering for you…to you. It is small and human and weak, but I pour it out on the stage trying not to judge myself harshly when I know it is so paltry.

Compared to you. To your love that is so strong and deep and loud and soft like a melody and like a waterfall. Like the ocean and like the wind.

But my love pours out like drops of dew and rolls about upon the stage.

But you don’t hate it.

Like all of my tears, you gather my love and you give me yours.

Your love in my heart is like a rain on the desert. So grateful am I. I receive it. And it isn’t like water at all. It’s like oil and perfume and power–like life. Electric and full of strength.

Not at all like my human love that is mixed with need and wanting and sadness. Confused and polluted by my desires and the questions and the lies lodged in my heart like a rotting thing in a desert stream that taints the water as it flows.

Your love is clean and life-giving, healing and beautiful. Changing everything it touches. Life springs forth from Your love.

Your love is not a small thing, not a weak thing. It is everything. I mean it is the most important thing. All that I need. I wish that I could explain it better. I wish that everyone could understand and know Your love.


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