In that moment in time.


I sat on the bed

near the window,

pressing my forehead against the glass.

I sat staring at the trees across the street–

full green, blowing,

swaying in the clean winds of Spring.

I heard the familiar barking of my best friend’s collie.

The way the light filtered through the leaves

moved something deep within me,

like a lost memory just out of my grasp~

a longing making its way up

out of the darkness that flooded my soul.

The thought was barely a whisper–a vapor,

“There must be more.”

More to life,

more reason to live on this earth.

More than a nine year old could see

in her helpless sadness,

her empty despair.

That moment is forever etched in my mind.

Now older and wiser,

looking back through the years

I see where God was working,

planting a hope in my heart

A stirring in my soul.

A gentle hand beneath my chin

lifting my head–bringing my eyes up to see

outside that window,

that room,

that house,

that tomb.

His creation was testifying to my young broken heart,

telling me of of His faithfulness,

His goodness,

His beauty.

It was a tiny, tiny, tiny seed,

but it found root in the deepest part of me.

“There must be more.”

There. must. be. more.

Something bigger than the confines of my life

in that moment in time.

Something worth waiting for,

living for.

I couldn’t call it faith for I had no words,

no understanding.

Just a whisper of a longing

as I watched the light flickering

on the leaves of the trees across the street,

changing shadows into brightness before my eyes

as I rested my forehead

against the glass

of  the window

by the bed.

@2017 belinda


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